alex chalk

Alex Chalk said courts rule "without fear or favour" after the government's flagship immigration plan was judged to be illegal.
Alex Chalk said he wouldn't say homeless people sleep in tents as a "lifestyle choice".
The Times claims the top judge for England and Wales has ordered the sentencing of convicted criminals on bail to be delayed from Monday.
Justice secretary Alex Chalk said the government must "must do everything we can for the most disadvantaged in society".
The Tory minister was grilled following the recapture of terror suspect Daniel Khalife.
Justice secretary Alex Chalk said the comment was "not bigotry at all".
Justice Secretary Alex Chalk said the corporation needs to say "who knew what and when".
Alex Chalk was slammed for un-capping bankers' bonuses while real wages decline for public sector workers.
Alex Chalk refuses to say that the healthcare system is gripped by a "crisis".
Veteran backbencher heckled by other Conservatives for intervention.