Europeans are sharing coronavirus conspiracy theories and photos of US protests on Telegram, where they plan their own demonstrations.
The rise and stall of the Fourth Reich.
What I discovered was that far from being the old image of skinheads with jackboots and swastika tattoos, those who identify with the far right now are much more likely to be wearing Barbour or North Face clothes, and have sharp haircuts. They use Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, blogs and podcasts to get their views across, which connects with young people. This image change is actually drawing women in.
'The pictures do not depict a paradise or a perfect society.'
A crowdfunded book and exhibition is aiming to set the record straight after Donald Trump’s inflammatory - and false - comments
The events in Charlottesville, Virginia have shocked not just the US but the world. For many, particularly those who do not use social media, it was a rude awakening to the rise of White Supremacy and to a growing subculture who identify with Fascist and Neo Nazi beliefs.
Since the Civil War, American politics has always had a place for the most bigoted and socially unacceptable views. From the Ku Klux Klan to the various neo-Nazi gangs of organised thugs that marched in Charlottesville, the politics of hate have always been part of, and at times shaped, American history.
Trump's statement has rightly been condemned by many on the right, including both Bush Presidents, and rightly so.