animal abuse

PETA says a German shepherd was mistreated during the filming of the movie “Crazy Alien.”
'The nature of the attack on him is very distressing and feels very personal.'
A pet rabbit who was killed and his body mutilated could be the latest victim of the “Croydon cat killer”, police have said
Locals are sharing other shocking images after the original video surfaced.
The Bali I dreamed of growing up was not the Bali that exists today--all thanks to the careless acts of tourists.
'If you can get up close, hug or have a selfie with a tiger it’s cruel .'
For some it’s the ultimate souvenir from exotic climes - a picture next to, or even patting, what appears to be a tame wild
A two-year-old dog who was strangled and dumped in a canal after being snatched from her home on Christmas Eve has become