Deepfake and revenge porn triggering "massive" pain and desperation, says Dame Vera Baird.
But campaigners say it could "make it harder for victims to get justice after rape".
A Scottish judge has waived the right to anonymity for a 16-year-old who was found guilty of the rape and murder of six-year-old Alesha MacPhail on the Isle of Bute last year. Aaron Campbell has been named following a nine-day trial in which they heard details of the “wickedest, most evil crimes this court has ever heard.” Campbell faces a life sentence.
On Friday we sent an open letter to Cliff Richard, Paul Gambaccini and Nigel Evans MP asking them to re-consider their 'campaign' for anonymity for those suspected of sexual offences. In the letter we argue that we have an open legal system for good reason...
All too often, the internet is used for crimes that remain unexposed. In reality, we are in the dark about just how many problems have arisen from its existence. Just last year, a study from the UK government security service Get Safe Online, revealed that half of Britons have experienced crime online -- everything from identity theft, to hacking, to online abuse.
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The challenges facing investigators today is much more widespread than we have ever anticipated. We've doubled resources to the IWF to tackle the take down of this kind of material but the next goal is to step up law enforcement's ability in the same way.
In this job climate, it's not far-fetched to think that they might just opt for another applicant, who doesn't happen to have been embroiled in a court case. We need a logical, informed discussion around whether those accused of rape should be granted anonymity.
Is it too much to compare cyber abuse to poison - made deadly by 'invincible' anonymous entities online? Nameless and faceless, these entities feel untouchable with an injection of false power. Anonymity offers cowards the strength to say online what they are too gutless to say in person.