Asian Americans

Because ropes are far better restraints than stereotypes.
"Was this why I could never shake that lonely gnawing in my belly when I was growing up? Was she the reason?"
"In America, I am used to being othered because I am not white. But it’s a special kind of alienation to feel othered by your own people."
Stop AAPI Hate has collected nearly 10,000 reports of anti-Asian racism since March 2020.
The Italian soccer team shared an image of a player making anti-Asian hand gestures.
If you're a white person and you really believe your apology is genuine and sincere, the hard part you need to understand is that you are still not entitled to forgiveness.
Let's face facts: The fetishisation of Asian women is, in itself, racist.
Atlanta police said that at least six of the victims "appear to be Asian." A suspect was apprehended hours after the shooting, according to officials.
Hundreds of volunteers are lending their support to a Northern California organisation that aims to protect elderly Asian Americans by escorting them through their neighborhoods during a time of heightened violence against the community. Compassion In Oakland is helping the community by walking with them and helping them in the community.
The California senator leaned into the intersection of her identities and just made history.