It makes you feel like a failure but getting a bankruptcy can actually be a blessing.
A planned auction of the ex-tennis star's trophies and memorabilia will now go ahead.
The triple Wimbledon champion was appointed to the role earlier this year.
This is not the only form of capitalism and it hasn’t always functioned this way, but it does now and we must deal with it
The toy retailer was struggling under $5 billion in debt.
Well yes, that was right-I have had to pay for every single penny and a rather hefty sum of interest in the process too. You see, there is only a certain amount of credit lenders will give you and once it's gone, it's gone, and so is your good credit rating. All of a sudden I went from living a life of luxury to one of near-poverty.
It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are from, there is one common experience in life we all share. We will at some point face a feeling of failure. It might be losing a job, getting divorced, failing an exam or falling out with a friend but at one time or another we all have to face disappointment and find a way to recover from it.
Fame and wealth can be temporary. A football career isn't likely to last as long as one would like and therefore, the importance of planning ahead can't be stressed enough; although sometimes a difficult reality to accept.
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