ben wallace

Dozens have now announced that they are standing down - with more set to follow them.
Astonishingly, it will be his fifth cabinet job in less than a year.
The long-serving minister is also quitting as a Tory MP at the next election.
President wonders whether UK defence secretary wants "something special".
The defence secretary expressed his frustration at the NATO summit in Lithuania.
Defence secretary Ben Wallace is getting less than half what he asked for.
The defence secretary accused Russian soldiers of "rape, pillage and destruction".
But Boris Johnson has called on the UK to "break the ice" by sending fighter jets to Ukraine.
"I run a department of 224,000 people or something like that and he’s got 12 people in the office".
“There’s a lot of stories out there that I just don’t think are particularly true," the defence secretary told BBC Breakfast.