ben wallace

Just hours after ministers said there were “no plans at the moment” to deploy troops.
Wallace claimed Dorries will be a strong culture secretary because she is a "best-selling author".
"Tom v Dom" felt like MoD v FCO. Acronym artillery was just the start.
Victoria Atkins said the UK's special envoy, Simon Gass, has been seeking assurances that safe passage will be offered to refugees.
Britain will send personnel to Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan within the next 48 hours, the government confirmed.
Ex-Marine hits out at “ill-informed comments” from “armchair pundits”.
As Taliban hold up animal shelter team, Ben Wallace insists priority is "people not pets".
Ben Wallace says "die was cast" for the country's chaotic situation when Donald Trump signed a deal to end the west's 20-year war
Former development secretary warns "we are going to end up with terrorists".
Dramatic expansion of workplace test sites to exempt key sectors from ‘pingdemic’
Ben Wallace says the explosive allegation is "not true".
An apology has been made after an investigation found that those individuals were not formally remembered in the same way as their white comrades.
Defence secretary says move would be "counterproductive".
The ITV presenter did not hold back after Defence Secretary Ben Wallace was interviewed on Good Morning Britain.
Ben Wallace accused Labour of presiding over "illegal wars" but Downing Street said he was expressing a "personal view".
Downing Street said the minister "will be extra careful in future".
PM is a strange mix of delegator and micromanager.
Labour leader to turn up to lead for the Opposition but defence secretary will update MPs
A Downing Street source said the senior minister "misspoke".