Big Little Lies

The Big Little Lies star reportedly filed for divorce two days before Christmas.
Real female friendship is not one-dimensional – we stick together, we bicker and fall out, we feel closer to some than others. And Big Little Lies gets that, writes Radha Vyas.
The follow-up sheds light on Zoe Kravitz’s previously underserved character.
Because we all need an ugly cry now and then, here are some suggestions of shows to turn on the waterworks.
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'May we also please protect and employ them,' she added.
'We see you. We hear you. And we will tell your stories.'
Peaches, triple axels and sea creatures, oh my!
Hollywood woke up early on Monday (11 December) to announce the nominees for the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards. Presenters
‘Big Little Lies’, the latest must-see TV drama isn’t a Nordic crime thriller, nor is it a police or hospital procedural