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"It is frankly shameful that we have known about these disparities for at least 20 years. It cannot take another 20 to resolve," said Conservative MP Caroline Nokes.
The popular parenting brand is marking C-Section Awareness Month with discounts off items like its Postpartum Support Band.
"I went full skunk mode after having my daughter."
“My husband worked in the same hospital where I gave birth. I got to meet most of his coworkers postpartum with a tit out breastfeeding because he told them to pop in anytime and say, ‘hi.’"
“I love my in-laws very much, but is this not a bit on an overload for me?” wrote the soon-to-be parent.
"Happy Easter," said the actor. "Posting from pure Heaven."
The sun's out and Google searches for teeny summer hats are soaring.
The Made In Chelsea star and mum-of-two says "the narrative around C-sections needs to change".
The 68-year-old has revealed the baby is her granddaughter and added it was her son's "last wish to bring a child into the world".
The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers has announced its 12th annual contest winners.