brendan clarke-smith

"Their commitment to making absolutely EVERYTHING worse is quite impressive," one person posted.
Brendan Clarke-Smith faced BBC Newsnight audience in Doncaster that resoundingly dismissed impact of flagship government policy.
The pair rebelled against the Tory whip over Rishi Sunak's flagship Rwanda bill.
Conservative faces backlash for comments about Twitter user Supertanskiii, a frequent critic of the government.
The Conservative party deputy chairman and Brendan Clarke-Smith have created some curious content.
Brendan Clark-Smith was accused of being a "coward" after saying he'd rather watch the Ashes.
Brendan Clarke-Smith told emergency workers on £32,000 a year using food banks to “learn how to budget”.
Brendan Clarke-Smith accused Lauren Howells of being "orange with rage".
"Nothing would surprise us at the moment because this is total chaos," the Labour MP said.
Brendan Clarke-Smith faced a jibe from Labour's Wes Streeting on BBC Question Time.