Cameron Diaz

So there's hope that for that 'Sweetest Thing' sequel after all, then?
As Abba famously put it, “breaking up is ever easy” - and that’s definitely true when the two people involved are in the
The problem when you’re trying to remake a classic film is that the stakes are already sky-high, so it’s very easy for the
You know that iconic scene from the 90s movie 'There's Something About Mary' where Cameron Diaz's character accidentally
Youthful energy is a core component in advertising and beauty. In the example of J Lo and Cameron Diaz, there is a playfulness about these women. They seem like they have fun and enjoy life. It's a sense of innocence, wonder, and curiosity that makes them radiant.
As Abba themselves put it, “breaking up is ever easy” - and that’s definitely true when the two people involved are in the
Cameron Diaz has spoken out about why she doesn’t enjoy using social media. While the actress does have Twitter and Instagram
Sometimes there’s nothing better than snuggling up in front of the sofa with a cup of tea - or a glass/bottle of wine - and
Further evidence emerged today that absolutely everybody in the world is getting married apart from you. A sample survey
Cameron Diaz has married Benji Madden in an intimate ceremony, her representative has confirmed to People. SEE MORE: Cameron
Cameron Diaz has sparked rumours that she may be engaged, after refusing to confirm or deny the status of her relationship
Cameron Diaz has hit out at the hackers responsible for publishing stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities
Cameron Diaz brought a phone interview to a dramatic halt this week, after one of the presenters mentioned her close friend
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Cameron Diaz has dismissed rumours that she’s had sex with her friend and ‘Charlie’s
The first clip from Cameron Diaz’s forthcoming comedy film ‘Sex Tape’ has been released online. The film tells the story
Cameron Diaz is on the cover of the latest issue of Esquire, and features inside the magazine discussing her upcoming film
The first trailer has dropped of Cameron Diaz's 'Sex Tape'. Co-starring Jason Segel and Rob Lowe (in-joke). Watch Cameron
Cameron Diaz has made it quite clear she's not the marrying kind. Cameron Diaz has fallen for another bad-boy-looking rocker