cancel culture

People on social media are pointing out this isn't exactly the Friends star's first time speaking out on this particular subject.
Lizzo and Ariana Grande are just the latest celebrities to disappoint their fans. There's a reason why we care so much.
“It must be very hard to be a man of a certain age who’s been able to say whatever he likes for years, and now suddenly there’s some accountability.”
The comedian said he was "very lucky" to be forgiven for the 2012 scandal.
The actor left his judging role on Dancing On Ice last year amid allegations that he exposed himself on the set of Torchwood and Doctor Who.
Pete Hegseth was against cancel culture... until he was for it.
The news channel’s launch on Sunday was not without technical issues.
The Australian comic insisted: "If you say [something] and you lose your audience, then you have probably said the wrong thing."
Some deride deplatforming as a sign of an emerging “cancel culture” and an attack on free speech. But inaction is dangerous too, Imran Ahmed writes.