Pebbles loves his advent calendar. Fur real. And it's now half price 😻
Owner Laura Page is urging anyone who spots it to contact her.
It’s not just us humans who are feeling the effects of the summer heatwave - the animal kingdom has been having fun keeping cool, from bears taking a swim to tigers munching on some icy treats. With temperatures this year set to be record-breaking, the RSPCA has urged pet owners to take extra care in the heat to make sure their furry friends have plenty of water and shade.
Cats and their humans were transfixed by Sunday night's show 😸
Police have reassured pet owners they are taking the incidents "very seriously".
This week we've gone cat crazy 😸😸😸 #FridayFeeling
A Polish climber might have been expecting many things as he summited Rysy peak in the Tatra mountains in Poland. Incredible views and tired legs, maybe, but definitely not a cat. Local media has investigated but doesn't know if the cat belongs to anyone or how it got to the 8000ft summit.
A small town in western Russia has hired a Cat Chief. Local resident Svetlana Logunova is tasked with feeding and looking after the cat-loving town’s strays.