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The speaker of the House of Commons is reportedly considering joining his wife Sally Bercow in the Big Brother house. In
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Jedward are in for a shock unless they avoid each other in the latest task set for contestants in the
Katie Price thinks Celebrity Big Brother bosses will edit the fly-on-the-wall show to make sure Amy Childs wins and becomes
Channel 4 did the right thing in not renewing their contract with the Big Brother franchise. It was tired and they were trying too hard although I believe they got the mix of housemates and tasks spot on for the final series.
Raise a cheer for the return of Celebrity Big Brother. The nation needs an inconsequential, low rent guilty secret to divert it in a summer, which so far has been denied a traditional silly season.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Celebrity Big Brother's launch gave Five one of its biggest ever audiences with an average of 5.1 million
In 2003 Channel 5 spent two thirds of their annual budget on a show called Back to Reality. I appeared in it, alongside the
Charlie Sheen has sent the rumour mill into overdrive. Spottings have been reported of the wayward star at .... drum roll
For John Bercow, it will be an uncomfortable and embarrassing time. He'll be grateful that Parliament is in recess as that will provide some respite
Just when you thought it was all over, Big Brother is preparing to burst back onto our TV screens. Sold last year by Channel