Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson, Britain's most notorious prisoner, has been threatened with beheading in jail by fellow inmates, his brother
In a move that other contestants may legitimately voice concerns about, it has been claimed Charles Bronson was approached
Bronson's art has sold for up to £1,000 in the past News of the altercation at Full Sutton jail in York was revealed via
UPDATE Sorry Mum: Charles Bronson Auctions Art To Pay For Holiday After 'Lurpak Rumble' A prisoner dubbed Britain’s most
Thousands of supporters of one of Britain's most notorious prisoners are pushing for his release. A petition calling for
This week we learned that a series of artworks created by the Kray twins were set to fetch £15,000 at auction. Artworks created
A series of artworks produced behind bars by the notorious Kray twins are expected to fetch £15,000 when they go under the
Alcatraz prison, one of America’s most notorious jails is the subject of a new TV series that follows two modern day detectives