Charlize Theron

The Oscar winner had a somewhat spicy response to these accusations but also shared some heartfelt advice.
The Monster star revealed a fellow A-lister came to her rescue at the 2000 ceremony.
The Oscar-winning actor said incidents like that have “really f**king annoyed" her over the years.
Any potential romantic partner would need to "come with a lot of game," the actor said.
“I made it a point to out-drive all of those guys," Theron said.
“It’s a tough one to swallow," the Oscar-winning star said of director George Miller's decision to cast a younger actor in the role.
Margot Robbie, Joaquin Phoenix and Renée Zellweger who attended the bash at London's Royal Albert Hall.
The Oscar-winning star wants to see the changes come into effect "soon".
For the Bombshell star's next role, she makes a nerdy hairstyle look super chic.