Lauren Von Der Pool reacts to the haters: "Either you’re going to love all of me or you’re not. That’s fine by me."
In this Root Of The Recipe episode, Syrian born Abdullah Alawayed talks about how his Bedouin upbringing inspired his cooking. Without the 24/7 convenience of supermarket chains, seasons inspired their cooking. Summers were for foods like tomatoes, aubergine, and peppers and winters were for vegetables and grains you could store for longer.
In episode one of Root Of The Recipe, we meet Paola Maggiulli also known as “The Tiny Italian, food blogger”. Maggiulli is a former office worker turned Italian food expert who left behind her well-paid 9-5 office job in fashion to pursue a more fulfilling career in the world of cookery – and to reconnect with her heritage and her father’s legacy.
The legendary French chef reportedly died at his family home in Berkshire after suffering from lung disease.
From chicken noodle soup to braised pork, find out which dishes professional cooks like to prepare in the popular multi-cooker.
One dish at the new restaurant is called 'We all have our “Beech tree” moment' – and the description is equally cryptic.
The renowned chef and restaurateur backs the owners of spice brand Rooted Spices
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"The Old Tom is a different person – I’m selfish now."
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This is how the world's top chefs pay it forward
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