In this Root Of The Recipe episode, Syrian born Abdullah Alawayed talks about how his Bedouin upbringing inspired his cooking. Without the 24/7 convenience of supermarket chains, seasons inspired their cooking. Summers were for foods like tomatoes, aubergine, and peppers and winters were for vegetables and grains you could store for longer.
In episode one of Root Of The Recipe, we meet Paola Maggiulli also known as “The Tiny Italian, food blogger”. Maggiulli is a former office worker turned Italian food expert who left behind her well-paid 9-5 office job in fashion to pursue a more fulfilling career in the world of cookery – and to reconnect with her heritage and her father’s legacy.
The legendary French chef reportedly died at his family home in Berkshire after suffering from lung disease.
From chicken noodle soup to braised pork, find out which dishes professional cooks like to prepare in the popular multi-cooker.
One dish at the new restaurant is called 'We all have our “Beech tree” moment' – and the description is equally cryptic.
The renowned chef and restaurateur backs the owners of spice brand Rooted Spices
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"The Old Tom is a different person – I’m selfish now."
If you’ve made your first foray into the world of food, American Express is offering up the chance to work with culinary
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This is how the world's top chefs pay it forward
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The chef and restaurateur talks about the importance of nourishing and nurturing talent
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World Food Day, celebrated annually in over 150 countries, aims to promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and to raise the awareness of the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all. This day provides me the perfect opportunity - as President of Foods at Unilever - to share how we are showing our support this year through our brands, our chefs and our partnerships.
The global culinary diktat ordains the truly transcendent plate comes to an accord with the state of mind of the consumer. That country and culture, currency and currentness, the city, chef and diner are all represented. Pho manages to do all of these things and goes beyond, resolutely. Profoundly. No dish in the world is more profound.
Nigella Lawson has shared a very simple recipe on social media which fans have mocked as “cherry tomatoes, cut in half, with
Never once in a professional kitchen have I heard complaint about 'bloody foreigners taking our jobs'. Far more likely to be discussed over the stoves is a lack of staff and desire. It is of paramount importance and deep concern that current post-election,Theresa May's playing politics with post-brexit Government proposals will have Britain's restaurant industry on it's knees. Don't let this happen. Please vote.
Jamie Oliver may have faced the fury of Twitter (and most of Spain) after he suggested adding pork to your paella. But he
Before travelling somewhere, I always like to hit up friends for recommendations, so this was no different when travelling to Los Angeles. On a list filled with the obligatory trips to the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame, one eating spot made multiple appearances - Connie and Ted's
For his part, Lambert, who has deleted all of his social media accounts, has insisted his comments were untrue. He told the