Children In Need raised more than £37 million during its 40th anniversary show on Friday.
Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Cher were also among the stars celebrating Joe Biden's victory over Donald Trump.
The president remarking that people should not be afraid of Covid-19 has sparked some strong reactions.
The singer urged her fellow US citizens to protect themselves and ensure they vote in the upcoming election.
The Celebrity Big Brother star has shared her personal favourite Pride tunes. Just don't mention Cher's Believe...
Among the unexpected Academy Award winners are pop divas, Time Lords, soap stars and claymation cheese-lovers.
If anything's going to spur you on through a difficult time, it's a tweet from Cher, right?
'Dancing Queen' is coming in September, and we absolutely can not wait.
Brace yourself for a tidal wave of emojis and capital letters.