Child custody

Many parents experience parental alienation, but few have heard of it; one parent mentally manipulating a child to make them fear, disrespect or even hate the other. It is a hotly debated legal topic, particularly around how it should be monitored and governed, and it is an issue which is destroying families every day, across the UK.
Just upping and leaving the country with your children without an agreement will more than likely land you in court and you could well be ordered by the judge to take them back. Even if you eventually win the battle, it's an expensive and upsetting experience (particularly for the children themselves) that most of us would rather avoid.
The impact of rape lasts long after the physical event has taken place. Women who have been raped are more likely to commit suicide and are prone to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can include flashbacks, severe anxiety, recurring nightmares and depression. Allowing a rapist to have access to a child born out of a rape only enhances the trauma and forces the victim to relive that fear and anxiety on a regular basis.
For many people, one of the hardest parts is knowing where to start when trying to sort out the childcare arrangements. Emotions are often running high, the legal process can be intimidating, and the practicalities can be overwhelming.
Broken hearts don't mean a separation shouldn't happen. When a relationship has run its course it's likely the children will have felt the tension or the fading of one or both of you, and that's not good for anyone.
It is the starting point of a presumption of shared parenting that has a massive psychological impact on the parents; for the parent with whom the child spends greater time, it is a constant reminder that the other parent has an equal say in their upbringing.
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