child sex abuse

The tech giant hopes it will be able to detect and then report such material to the police.
Too often, worthy campaigns to get justice for victims are shadowed by an unsavoury subtext of Islamophobia
A 24-year-old man has been arrested after police took the unusual step of identifying a child sex abuse victim being molested
We sometimes see the very best of people in the worst of times and communities across the UK are filled with good, in fact great, decent people. People who care enough to make a difference. Now is the time to call up that citizen's army; vet, train and equip them to support the police. It is time to turn the tables. If every force recruited only 25 volunteers we could launch a credible counter offensive with over a 1,000 Special Constables operating undercover as digital detectives.  Such reinforcements would have the potential to make a real impact by delivering a real deterrent.
I'm not from a broken family, my parents will soon celebrate 60 years of marriage and my abuse remains a firm family secret. In the years since first speaking up I've had good times and bad times but abuse never leaves you and is always just around the corner.
For a terrified child in the '70s there was nowhere to go and no one to tell. 40 years later, in a society only just about ready to hear the truth, you feel almost responsible for breaking your ageing parents' hearts. And so, another lesson learned. Parents are victims too.
It has been called 'the biggest crisis' to face the game.
Around 350 victims have come forward to report child sexual abuse within football clubs, the National Police Chiefs’ Council
Greater Manchester Police becomes fifth force to examine allegations.