civil service

Former cabinet minister makes spurious claims involving Britain's colonial past in bout of "imperial nostalgia".
Right-wingers have tried to claim Whitehall staff are part of a "woke" elite secretly running the country.
The privileges committee is grilling the former prime minister over claims he misled MPs.
Asked if Williamson is a "good bloke", Mel Stride said he has "particular talents".
Treasury mandarin Tom Scholar was axed by Kwasi Kwarteng on the new chancellor's first day in the job.
They accuse the Tory leadership hopefuls of using them as a "scapegoat" in their culture war.
A civil servant told HuffPost UK: "Every single day I consider leaving the civil service because of these people.”
The leadership hopeful promised a "war on Whitehall waste" in a press release that contained a £400 million mistake in the figures.