During the party’s third day of conference in Brighton, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell announced the implementation of 32-hour working weeks within 10 years, with no loss of pay. The announcement came after a busy weekend for the party, which saw Jeremy Corbyn’s top aide Andrew Fisher quit.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was “disgusted” to see politicians in Britain and the United States continue to support Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. He was responding to a question about the support shown for the Venezuela’s government by Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn.
All you need to know from the weekend in politics
Technical questions about property ownership would normally be considered a hot political issue but that has changed in the last 12 months. Leasehold has been described as "the PPI of the house building industry" and even by the Secretary of State as a "feudal" system, and a real scandal has emerged as people have discovered they don't actually own the homes they bought.
Only time will tell whether the seismic events of the past week, and the rise of Jeremy Corbyn can bring this about. The Centre for Urban Research on Austerity will certainly be keeping its finger on the pulse!
Things clearly need to change and I know I'm not alone in thinking this; people are beginning to put their foot down and say enough is enough. So despite my major fears for a Tory/DUP coalition, I am incredibly excited to see the positive impact of a new meaning of 'people power'. We won't let them get away with any old policies anymore!
Whatever your thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn, his campaign has gone from strength to strength during this election. Whether it's about grime music or his appearances on question time, Corbyn has got the whole country talking. A man who once was only regarded as a rebel back-bencher, has quickly become one of the most popular (and unpopular) politicians in British history.
#grime4corbyn was instrumental in urging thousands of young people to register to vote after this general election was called, and last Saturday (June 3rd) it held three events to further the campaign. Two took place in London - in Tottenham and Dalston - while the Brighton event was also 'popping off'.
A balance has to be struck each time. What cannot be right is that we should regard our short term safety at home as paramount and judge our foreign policy solely by reference to whether it increase or decreases it. It is a much larger game than that.
Labour is, and always has been, the party for the working class. Not UKIP, not the Conservatives. There's the offer of a brand new beginning with Labour. He has been mocked and written-off from the beginning, but can Jeremy Corbyn make the biggest turnaround in political history?