#Grime4Corbyn has revitalized a generation of non voters and we can only hope that the movement continues long after the result of the general election...
Corbyn's links with the union are once again exposed
Parliament was rarely so united as before the election call. The two leading parties were on the same side, Both are committed to Brexit. Both want a good deal for Britain. May is the leader of the country. So why does May want to be stronger and more stable? It neither makes sense nor sound reasoning. Surely there is another agenda. Is it about whose interests will be protected in the negotiation?
No-one expects that the next Government will have an easy time. But remarkably, despite an almost inevitable backdrop of more cuts in public services, politicians are queuing up to embrace the ongoing festering sore of more delays and more billions on a project, only wanted by those planning to rake in those billions. All the evidence shows HS2 will be a disaster, but what do politicians care about evidence?
Over the next few weeks I hope and expect new policies to support Labour's housing agenda - action on rogue landlords and assurances that new homes will be suited to those who need them, and service provision will keep pace with housebuilding. For now, I'm grateful that I can vote for a government not held over a barrel by vested interests, and willing to get tough on the housing crisis which is blighting - and shortening - too many lives to count.
Let's elect a government that represents us. Any opportunity for the UK population to have its say on who we want in Westminster has to be taken as a positive, and this is a chance not only to consider the kind of Brexit we want, but the country we will be afterwards.
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A recent Guardian column asked 'What should Jeremy Corbyn's brand of leftwing populism look like?'. It is not clear that
Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour is ready for a general election if Theresa May calls a snap poll – despite trailing the Conservatives