There's no denying that the best thing about 'Countdown' is the risk that a rude word could be spelled out on the board at
So call me the Grinch if you enjoy being around people in the festive periods. Call me Victor Meldrew if you are one of those overly happy people who just LOVE Christmas. Call me a miserable old bitter Scrooge if are one of those people who are always so chirpy, you almost scare people.
Another day, another naughty word on Countdown. Joining the stable of “erection”, “gobshite” and “minges” comes the gleefuly
It’s only been a week or so since a certain rude word (ahem) popped up on ‘Countdown’ and now it’s happened again - and we
Look there are some things that will always be funny no matter how immature they might seem. John Travolta saying ‘Adele
Nobody could accuse Rachel Riley of not being a professional after she managed to resist giggling like a school kid when
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Ever since Susanna Reid announced that she would be leaving BBC Breakfast to move onto pastures new at ITV, there's been
Other glorious Countdown bloopers throughout the years include “arse”, “poo” and “fart”. “It’s not a word you often hear
'Countdown' star Rachel Riley and her husband Jamie Gilbert have split just 16 months after getting hitched, according to