This week in “sentences we never imagined typing”: Carol Vorderman has denied Ricky Tomlinson’s claims that ‘Countdown’ host
‘The Royle Family’ star Ricky Tomlinson has sensationally claimed that former ‘Countdown’ presenter Richard Whiteley was
It’s not big or clever, but having a good giggle at a rude word on ‘Countdown’ is just one of those things that’s unavoidable
The British game show has provided us with plenty of jaw-dropping moments over the years. From giggling hosts (we’re looking
Beneath all of this frivolity, cynicism and forced humour there is a more serious note. Christmas is hard, and for many reasons for many people. And when the over excited, overgrown kids start ramming it down your throat on the 1st of November, those of us who don't 'feel' the magic have just that bit longer to feel crap about it.