Covid health questions

This week, HuffPost UK reader Jill asked whether licking envelopes before posting Christmas cards could spread the virus.
This week, HuffPost UK reader Julia asked: "How long do I have to wait after having the flu vaccine to have the Covid vaccine?"
HuffPost UK reader Pat asked: “Do we need the Covid vaccine every year?”
HuffPost UK reader Jill asked: “Am I more at risk walking through a jogger’s ‘vapour trail’ than I am walking through another walker’s vapour trail?"
This week, HuffPost UK reader Helen asked: "What is the damage to your health of wearing masks?"
This week, HuffPost UK reader Mattie asked: “Does Covid-19 cause headaches and migraines?"
This week, HuffPost UK reader Jillian asked: “Could Covid be caught through the tap water we are drinking?”
People report the smell and taste of coffee, meat, onions, eggs or garlic becoming foul and acrid. But why?
HuffPost UK reader Terry asked: “Does vaping by an infectious person make spread more likely?”
HuffPost UK reader Gill asked: “I heard research has shown reduced oestrogen makes you more vulnerable to bad Covid. Is this true?”