New action from the UKHSA suggests the government is certainly thinking about it.
Trump tried to take credit for the vaccine rollout, while simultaneously telling his base he wasn't proud of helping millions get their shots.
You might want to choose your recipient arm carefully before the booster programme this autumn.
BA.2.86 – aka Pirola – is causing some worries about future infection spikes.
Private vaccines for those not eligible for a free NHS booster may soon be on the cards.
Scientists are looking to achieve a world first by working on vaccines early.
It shines an interesting light on just how prepared for a pandemic the UK really was before Covid struck.
It comes as the Met confirms it will be investigating the alleged breach of Covid regulations again.
The ex-PM was asked if he accepts he "failed" to prepare the country for Covid.
"Revellers are literally laughing at rules designed to minimise Covid deaths," one Twitter user wrote.