A sequel to the Disney villain's origin story starring Emma Stone is in development at Disney.
The Oscar-winning star said it was "difficult" to bring the character to life without one of her signature props.
A team of people had to help her go to the loo on the set of the new Disney film.
On GVO, the gang take a look at the new Cruella trailer and give their thoughts on whether Emma Stone looks like she can pull off being the baddest of the bad.
"The thing is, I was born brilliant, born bad... and a little bit mad."
With 2020 drawing to a close (thank goodness), we look ahead at the movies, music and TV shows coming in 2021. From Line of Duty and James Bond, to Disney’s Cruella origin movie and Stranger Things 4.
Glenn Close famously pulled on the black and white wig for 1996’s 101 Dalmatians.