data privacy

Period apps carry sensitive information that can be used against you in the US.
Analysis of online searches produced a 20-day warning of cases going up or down during the early days of the pandemic.
"It records the minimal amount of personal data and most of the data is only recorded on the phone," says one cyber security expert.
A court case in India could strip away a prized protection for survivors of assault – and affect how people around the world use platforms like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.
The senator then urged the Facebook CEO to “go back home and rewrite it.”
Every day we hear news about another big company being hacked with our data potentially being auctioned off in some corner of the dark web. In some cases this news breaks long after it originally happened, with the company involved at best unaware and, at worst, seeking to hide the breach.
If 'data-is-the-new-oil' is obsolete as an analogy, Big Data companies have a choice to make. If they don't change their business models to a more human-friendly and sustainable data-is-water model, will they face becoming obsolete?
Leaving the EU doesn't have to mean giving up online privacy, though. Instead, there are many compelling reasons that the U.K. should fully adopt the GDPR anyway. I personally want more security for my data, and I'm sure that almost everyone agrees.
Whatever incentives the UK government might offer to try to keep European and global financial centres in London after Brexit, a number of banks are already looking to relocate to alternative bases within the EU.
More than 300 people were sent the highly sensitive information.