Department of Education

The Gauteng education department has asked parents to apply at any nearby school, regardless of language medium – but has encountered immediate opposition.
Bed sharing was a factor in the deaths of 141 babies last year.
"Three of the learners are enrolled at Overvaal because they chose to be taught in Afrikaans."
"Racial division and cultural and language individualism remain entrenched in our education system," Gauteng education MEC says about Overvaal.
Lesufi made it clear from the outset that he intends to achieve his objective.
One MP described the row as the "chumocracy at work".
The High Court in Pretoria set aside the Gauteng department of education's decision to admit the learners into Hoërskool Overvaal, an Afrikaans medium school.
Free education is not a cost to the state, because SA will, in fact, make money from free higher education, says JZ's fee-free 'architect'.
'We believe all public universities will invest all their energy and creativity to make this epoch-making system work.'
The The pass rate for the Department of Basic Education's schools will be announced on Thursday.