Lord Frost has been condemned by numerous politicians from his own party.
The Labour leader has abandoned plans to impose UK-wide rules on Scotland and Wales.
"This is the single biggest attack on Scottish devolution and Scottish democracy since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament."
It would be the first time a UK government has taken the dramatic step in nearly 25 years of devolution.
The Labour leader has stolen the infamous Brexit slogan used by Vote Leave.
Ministers make concessions on UK Internal Market Bill after heavy Lords defeats
Differing tactics from the union's four nations could fracture trust in coming months, experts fear.
From borders to national parks, people in Wales are concerned about the consequences of a divide in policy between Westminster and devolved authorities.
The 'Power Up The North' campaign is calling for a sea-change in the "way the country is run".
'Decisions that affect millions of women across the six city regions will be almost exclusively taken by men.'