disney princesses

‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’ won't be shown in the Knightley household.
What is it about princesses that creates such a following or aversion? Is it even about princesses per se, or more about what they have come to symbolise and how this image has been exploited? The stereotypical Disney princess with certain physical features and attributes is plastered everywhere and has become an unchallenged, unconscious brand associated with fun and girlhood.
Disney has launched a new campaign, with the help of Katie Piper, to encourage children to dream big and have aspirations
Hollywood has a history of casting South Asians as Middle Easterns, erasing both identities as we aren't interchangeable. Disney has made a huge mistake with casting Naomi Scott but it isn't Disney's mistake alone.
They say never meet your heroes, because they will only disappoint, but for one little girl that couldn’t be further from
Overall, I remain on the side that believes Belle is not suffering from Stockholm syndrome; but, like Emma Watson, I think that we should keep researching and talking about the subject. A discussion as important as this one should not be dismissed.
I have to admit I was a little bit gutted when Moana lost out to best animation feature and best song at the Oscars. The inner Disney in me was all fired up, and I realised that it was not just because of the fantastic songs I had been humming for weeks. Moana was a new kind of character to the ones my sister had seen on screen before
The one thing my Daughter loves more than anything apart from the sound of her own voice is Disney Princesses, even at three years old she has a sound understanding of all the Disney Princesses and gets lost in her story books, colouring books, and all of the Disney movies