Edith Bowman

This year's awards will be given out over two nights, Bafta has also confirmed.
The radio DJ and TV presenter talks wellbeing, homeschooling and saying goodbye to the uncertainty of youth.
Festival organiser Emily Eavis has insisted we won't be seeing the A Star Is Born pair performing this weekend.
Charlie Sloth crashing the stage as Edith Bowman accepted an award shows the high degree of jealousy among some male DJs of the success of their female counterparts
Can you think back to the first piece of music your remember hearing in a film? Was it in a musical, or a character singing a song, a pop song used in a particular scene or were you simply transfixed by the emotion conveyed in a piece of scored music?
Life is a huge juggling act really and I can't be one of those mums, and I don't mean it in any derogatory manor, but I'm not one to get someone else to do everything for me, which means that the structure of our lives and childcare is maybe more flexible and erratic than others.
Edith Bowman has revealed that she was approached by Radio X bosses, ahead of the station’s recent revamp. The channel, previously
In the same way that music can fuel emotions and transport you to a time or place, stories do that exact same thing for me. You can see your situation in the lyrics of songs and the same with characters in books; you can make a connection with them.
Edith Bowman has been axed from Radio 1 in a huge shake-up following budget cuts. The Scottish DJ is one of many Radio 1
In our new ‘My Life’ section, HuffPost UK Lifestyle asks successful women to step off their pedestals for a few minutes, and