Emmanuel Macron

"The prime minister is entitled to make comments on any topic she should see fit to do so."
The French president's words came just two weeks after Liz Truss refused to say whether he was a 'friend or foe'.
The favourite to be Britain's next prime minister – and current foreign secretary – risks damaging relations with French president.
The sitting French president was re-elected – but the far-right tops 40% of the vote for the first time.
Emmanuel Macron is fighting off an insurgency from the far-right's Marine Le Pen.
With a far-right upset possible, here's what you need to know about the French presidential election.
The French president has accused Britain of not doing enough to help those fleeing war in their homeland.
The French president said the government was not living up to its "grand statements" on supporting those fleeing the war.
The French president privately made disparaging comments as tensions ran high over the migrant crisis.
Paris had threatened to block British access to French ports unless its boats were granted more licences.