Emmanuel Macron

The French leader is still sore over a scuttled submarine deal — and he let the Australian prime minister know it at the G-20 summit.
Johnson and his French counterpart failed to patch up their differences at a "brush-by" meeting at the G20 summit in Rome.
"France remains a close and strong ally," the prime minister's spokesman said on Friday.
Diplomatic row escalates as Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are expected to meet.
Macron furious after new US, Australia and UK alliance saw his country lose out.
"We need a bit of respect here," says foreign secretary Dominic Raab.
EU leaders deliver coordinated message at G7 summit to urge the PM to stick to his Brexit deal.
French president shares none of Boris Johnson’s worries about appearing “needy”.
It could all kick off as EU leaders arrive in Cornwall.
Video shows a man shouting “Down with Macronia” before audibly slapping the president alongside his left cheek.