Emmanuel Macron

He will continue working while he isolates for seven days.
Is Britain's decision to relax lockdown for five days safe? This is what other countries have chosen to do.
The French schools scheduled to reopen on Monday will have little in common with those shut prior to the coronavirus lockdown.
US President Trump’s push to halt funding to the World Health Organisation was met with widespread criticism from lawmakers and health officials, the UK has revised guidelines to allow close family members a chance to say goodbye to loved ones dying from coronavirus when possible and French President Emmanuel Macron is backing a world truce during the coronavirus pandemic. In Europe Italy, Spain and Finland are gradually starting to reopen and the world’s oldest coronavirus patient has recovered.
Governors in the U.S. are banding together to create a plan to reopen the economy in their states, despite president Trump’s claims that the federal government has the final say. In the UK restrictions are set to continue as prime minister Boris Johnson continues to recover after contracting Covid-19 and a new hospital is opened in the north west of the country. France will continue its lockdown into May as Spain begins to ease its restriction and in Rio de Janeiro the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue was lit up on Easter Sunday to pay tribute to healthcare workers.
From wartime presidents to fighting invisible enemies, many leaders across the globe have relied on war rhetoric to communicate the urgency of the coronavirus pandemic. Professor James Martin, a professor of political theory at Goldsmiths UCL, explains why this kind of language is used by leaders in times of crisis and whether or not it’s effective to deal with coronavirus, rather than combat.
Prime minister grilled over footage that showed world leaders apparently gossiping about US president.
World leaders Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson were caught on camera appearing to gossip about US president Donald Trump at the NATO reception at Buckingham Palace. Canadian prime minister Trudeau was heard referencing a media conference that had overrun, seemingly a reference to an earlier meeting between Macron and Trump. Princess Anne was also seen appearing to shrug off the Queen’s request to join her in greeting the US president.
Another video shows Princess Anne appearing to shun the president.
French president and Irish PM warn wavering British MPs about no-deal.