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The Euros only highlighted how deep-rooted this problem is, particularly within the sport.
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"I don’t want to over share but I can feel a semi coming on."
I hope you will join me in getting behind the Lionesses this Thursday. The Lionesses are one of the strongest England sides I've seen in my life time and I believe they will find a way to win. I would love to see even a fraction of the support and enthusiasm that the men get given to the women over the next week. They are working incredibly hard and let's hope it pays off in the coming game.
As an academic, we are supposed to acknowledge our biases. Therefore, I should confess to being a Bolton Wanderers supporter of many years standing. This means that Big Sam's and my paths have crossed before, for that I will be eternally grateful. That was a number of years ago now but my analysis of him and what he might do for England is unashamedly positive.
I can only judge based on the England teams at major tournaments I have ever seen, with the first tournament I remember properly watching being, coincidentally, Euro 2000. There is no science to this, it is personal opinion. Feel free to debate the choices below the line. Nicely...
Wilshere is still young. He has a long career ahead of him, and certainly plenty more major tournaments to come, but England would not miss him at Euro 2016 with the depth of quality options Roy Hodgson already possesses in his position. Therefore, gambling on Wilshere would not be a risk worth taking, nor one that needs to be taken.
On Monday, the England squad for Euro 2016 will finally be announced. Roy Hodgson delayed it from last week, presumably in case any more strikers get knee injuries which require months out just before a major tournament, although given Welbeck has already gone this seems less likely.