fake tan

The latest crop of fake tans are ready and raring to hit the market, just in time to bequeath you with glossy, bronzed limbs
Fake tan rules are pretty extensive - exfoliate, no body creams, loose clothing. But having an argument with your partner
People are accusing the brand of cultural appropriation.
A fake tan brand has been accused of selling 'blackface in a bottle' due to its dark colour and shade names. Swedish company
One woman's quest for a perfectly even tan has seriously backfired. Imogen Tyger-Lillie Silversides said she spotted a Facebook
A woman claims her face turned as green as the 'Incredible Hulk' after using a bottle of tanning mousse. Kirsty Reeves’ beauty
Beauty trends come and go, but our nation's love of fake tan seem to showed as much sign of budging as the stains all over
The star's of TOWIE may love a holiday glow, but there's one UK city that uses even more fake tan than Essex. In a nationwide
4. This may look harsh when first applied but use fingers to blend for an even glow. 5. Let the tan develop for one, two