'Homelessness does not care who you are or what time of year it is.'
Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for homeless people. Not only is the weather bitterly cold, but the holiday
'I’m standing on the shoulders of women who started the first refuges over 40 years ago.'
Every day, Katie Ghose is fighting vital yet virtually unknown battles which have the power to transform thousands of lives
'To be able to continue leading what could be classed as a fairly normal life is pretty amazing.'
For most women in their twenties and thirties, success often means a high-flying job or owning a house. But for Kris Hallenga
'If you’ve got a desire to achieve something, keep going until you achieve it.'
BBC journalist Victoria Derbyshire has spent more than two decades generating headlines, but in 2015 she found herself at
For as long as she can remember, Brita Fernandez Schmidt has been committed to making a difference. Her mission? To work