first world war

An apology has been made after an investigation found that those individuals were not formally remembered in the same way as their white comrades.
An estimated 20 million people lost their lives in The Great War; 9.7 million military personnel and 10 million civilians. By the time the armistice came into effect on 11 November 1918, over half of those who fought had become casualties. This Remembrance Day, people pay their respects to the people who died 100 years ago.
The Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre returns the remains to relatives – and helps arrange burials, often many decades after their deaths.
Private George Ellison died on the Western Front, just 90 minutes before the Armistice.
The Duke of Sussex planted a memorial cross in the Field of Remembrance in Westminster Abbey in honour of soldiers who have died in battle. Following the service, he met with veterans and even met Watchman VI, a dog who is the mascot of the Staffordshire Regiment.
Illumination marks the centenary of the end of the war.