FTSE 100

Currently, the entire FTSE-100 gets only one leader of colour every eight years.
Despite being only a few days into the new year, it is estimated that 4 January marks the day that top FTSE 100 CEOs have already earned the full annual salary of an average worker in the United Kingdom.
By lunchtime, leading CEOs will have pocketed more than average worker will get for entire year.
The government's attention has been diverted.
Brexit has diverted attention away from supporting more women into senior work positions, experts say. The Commons women
The post mortems about the widespread WannaCry ransomware attack in May have tended to overlook the most common consequences
UK's top professions still dominated by private school and Oxbridge grads.
Thousands of talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds are missing out on top jobs, a parliamentary inquiry into
This year will be a testing time for the UK economy as Brexit negotiations will begin and it is likely that the Stock market will continue to make gains with sterling plunging. Theresa May will make a speech on Brexit answering questions on Brexit and this is likely to make the value of the pound fluctuate.