Sadia Ali, co-founder of Minority Matters, discusses how criminal gangs use children to move drugs across the country, along "county lines" and how the effects are being felt in already marginalised minority groups the most.
The chief superintendent of West Midlands Police said the incident could have been "the worst thing" some officers had "ever seen".
Report estimates 27,000 children could be members of a gang in England.
Criminals are using vulnerable young children to spread illegal operations from cities to smaller towns, figures show.
The Jack Reacher author claims gangs mirror the hierarchy and structure of unions.
Home secretary accused of ignoring 'elephant in the room'.
The first attack took place metres away from where a vigil was held for another killed teenager.
The positive and at the same time, depressing thing is that a lot of the answers we already have. We can fix this. But at various stages, where adults should be intervening in the lives of troubled young people, they aren't. Sometimes that's because of lack of resources, and sometimes it's because different agencies aren't working together as well as they should.
Community members are leaving the Cape Town informal settlement in droves following gang violence.