Civil liberties campaigners have claimed a victory against a proposed expansion of authorities' power to spy on your phone
The starting place for any democratic decisions about how we balance our rights to freedom against the need to compromise that freedom for the safety and security of the wider community should be that we should be free to do anything we want except if there is a compelling case why we should not.
NEW YORK -- Edward Snowden said on Tuesday it was worth becoming an "international fugitive" when set against the public
Google, Facebook and others may be forced to hand over the messages of their users to government security agencies such as
A tribunal has ordered GCHQ to destroy legally privileged material found to be held by the intelligence agency relating to
"I am deeply concerned about moving to a position where people self-censor because the mob have decided that what they say
The allegation that US and UK intelligence agents hacked a global SIM card manufacturer, in order to steal the ‘digital keys
It is highly unlikely that the people charged with supervising our security services have any idea how algorithmic surveillance works. It is also highly unlikely that the people at GCHQ are going to enlighten them.
Mass surveillance of the internet by UK intelligence services has been unlawful in the past but now complies with legislation
David Cameron has revealed new details of his embarrassing call with a hoaxer who was put through to his mobile. The prime
The prank caller who was connected to David Cameron and obtained the mobile number of a senior spy has claimed he was "off
The ultra-authoritarian government in Beijing has announced a sweeping crackdown on private social media messaging in a haunting
A judge has ruled that online spying conducted by UK government intelligence officers does not violate European human rights
The Internet is a vast place. Bigger than anyone, except a computer scientist, can imagine. It's a massive iceberg. What we see via Google and any other search engine is called the Clearnet and is potentially less than two per cent of what's actually out there, buried deep down in the Darknet or Deep Web.
The 'Thought For The Day' slot is often (not always) given to religious professionals of various types. Or at least there seem to be a majority of speakers from the various faiths. Other people's thoughts are not seen as valuable or moral perhaps?
We all need somebody to blame. This week, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites were yet again in the firing line for becoming "the command and control networks of choice" for jihadi brainwashers.
Reprieve recently filed a complaint with the UK government regarding BT's role in facilitating surveillance that leads to killing. BT has persistently refused to come clean on its collaboration with intelligence agencies. We can only hope that the UK government can get from BT the answers we deserve.
The new head of Britain's electronic eavesdropping agency has accused internet firms of being "in denial" of the role their
The new head of Britain's electronic eavesdropping agency has accused internet firms of being "in denial" of the role their
The British government's insistence that its spies don't use the vast espionage powers of the US National Security Agency