George Eustice

Even though Boris Johnson negotiated the protocol, the government is looking to rip it up.
George Eustice also said the government had endured a particularly difficult six months.
George Eustice insisted Boris Johnson had not lied to parliament.
MPs urged to oust prime minister after unexpected Conservative collapse in region.
"If I ever get the opportunity, I will tip Tesco Value baked beans down the back of his collar."
He asked George Eustice: “You are a farmer...have you ever stumbled across porn when looking for a tractor?”
Shop prices increased at their fastest rate in more than a decade last month, the British Retail Consortium has said.
George Eustice also said the millionaire is "grounded" and has "the ability to empathise".
His response prompted Kay Burley to ask: "Are you so out of touch as a government?"
George Eustice claims there's no link between mob attack and Boris Johnson's words, which were said "in the heat of the moment".