George Eustice

The former minister wants a "youth-mobility visa scheme" put in place to address staff shortages.
It's another sign that the Conservatives are bracing themselves for defeat at the next election.
George Eustice, the ex-environment secretary, blasts Liz Truss, who was international trade secretary during the negotiations.
Even though Boris Johnson negotiated the protocol, the government is looking to rip it up.
George Eustice also said the government had endured a particularly difficult six months.
George Eustice insisted Boris Johnson had not lied to parliament.
MPs urged to oust prime minister after unexpected Conservative collapse in region.
"If I ever get the opportunity, I will tip Tesco Value baked beans down the back of his collar."
He asked George Eustice: “You are a farmer...have you ever stumbled across porn when looking for a tractor?”
Shop prices increased at their fastest rate in more than a decade last month, the British Retail Consortium has said.