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Tories accused of allowing 'educational purging'.
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Unions blast move: 'The grammar school corpse climbs out of its coffin'.
Early last week, St Olave's in Orpington, one of the UK's leading grammar schools, made the news after it told a handful of its Sixth Form students that they could not return for their final A-Level year since they did not secure high enough grades in their exams. This move has been dismissed as draconian, no less by the parents of affected students.
Many have barely enough low-income pupils to make up a football team.
Grammar schools must do more to help children from poorer backgrounds or risk losing their public funding, according to a
Justine Greening has confirmed the plan to open a new generation of grammar schools is dead. The Education Secretary slipped
Under the veil of the recent election result, the government published the briefing summary Grammar Schools in England, composed
Education needs better, fairer funding. It needs stability, not change for its own sake and increased uncertainty. It needs recognition of actual problems and innovative thinking in solving them. This can only happen if channels of communication between all those who have a stake in the education community are kept open. Whoever is in office, we must make sure that the education debate continues.