Greenpeace welcome move as Clean Growth Strategy launched
Stamp duty could be slashed on sales of energy-efficient homes in a bid to persuade more people to go green, the Government’s
Greenpeace activists have boarded a 23,498-tonne ship on the Thames Estuary in an attempt to stop VW diesel cars being imported
Unusual yet profitable combinations finding common ground.
When one established company promotes another, tapping into each other’s markets and generating sales to a combined audience
Yet again the government is trying to hide behind a headline, and dodge its responsibility for tackling illegal air pollution in our towns and cities. Our toxic air is stunting our children's lung growth right now; it is sending vulnerable people to hospital and causing suffering up and down the country. We cannot wait nearly a quarter of a century for a solution. It needs strong government action to fix this crisis right now.
The world’s plastic industry has produced more than 9.1 billion tons of plastic in the last seven decades, and almost 78
This was a Queen's Speech for Brexit, we were assured. And indeed Brexit dominated it, with a combination of politics and narrow bandwidth squeezing out some much needed legislative action on environmental protection... So how far did the Speech go in addressing the key environmental challenges Britain faces?