Without stricter controls, gun culture won't change. And without a radical change in attitudes to guns, some Americans will continue to use their right to own firearms to take the lives of innocent women, men and children.
Girlfriend's Sisters Say Las Vegas Gunman Sent Her Away Before Shooting
I've never found it that easy to know what the 'right' question is when confronting an issue, it has always been more of a visceral search in the dark, guided by instinct rather than reason. But, following on from my last piece, it isn't just the questions that are important, why and how you frame an argument can be absolutely critical and have unintended consequences.
Police found 12 firearms fitted with a “bump stock” device in the shooter’s hotel room.
I sit down for coffee and a chat on a sunny terrace with a friend who's a senior youth worker, and she says. "We have a big problem with our 11-13 year old girls". She works on the edge of a big city, in charge of a large youth centre. Her young clients are often affiliated to gangs. She bans all gang talk, throwing of signs and bandanas that identify which gang they belong to. No weapons either. It's to create a safe oasis in their chaotic world. But she's worried it's girls that are suffering most.
“You don’t know where they are going to die, or who they are going to be,” says Gary Younge, referring to the fact that an
'One officer shot and struck the suspect multiple times'.
King was taken to hospital but pronounced dead at 8:22pm. The other man was interviewed by police and later released pending
There's a sad double-standard about open carry laws that could have predicted the police's mistake in making Mark a suspect: many people speculate he was under suspicion not because of the gun, but because he was a black man carrying a gun.