Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren has been named as Women for Women International’s first ever patron and is reportedly “delighted” by her
'Tennison' is currently filming in London.
‘Tennison’, the prequel to the era-defining ‘Prime Suspect’, has begun filming in London, with ITV announcing who’ll play
'As women’s roles change in real life, roles will change for women on the screen.'
Helen Mirren has shared her take on the current debate about women in Hollywood, declaring today as a “very exciting time
The reality star previously said she wanted to 'break the internet'.
Kim Kardashian has received praise and support from an unlikely quarter, with Dame Helen Mirren heralding her for “changing
What makes a man tick? For Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston) it's screenwriting. He's a genius and proud of his job, earning big bucks and fame. However, as WWII draws to a close, Communist aggression leads to his arrest and exclusion from the big league studios.
More Britons than ever before are taking up new pursuits in retirement.
Helen Mirren is the nation's most inspirational 70-year-old, according to a survey conducted by the Royal Voluntary Service