Homelessness and Housing

So many Grenfell residents still have no permanent home a year later - it's impossible to ignore the black hole at the heart of our system
Homeless, “boomerang” generation, and flatsharers counted.
'There’s scope for people to return back to the old ways because there’s nobody watching'.
The Tories say Labour 'always make big promises, and always fail to deliver them.'
Tower block residents repeatedly told power-holders the building was a fire hazard.
Councils need to be commissioning services that specifically support women and girls and take into account their experiences of violence and trauma
Every year there are well over a thousand ex-Service personnel who become or face the risk of homeless
'He was buried without anybody. We were his family. I was so shocked… There was nothing we could do.'
HuffPost UK has uncovered how in some cases emergency plans to shelter people from the "Beast From The East" snow backfired.