Homelessness and Housing

Sales of "super-prime" homes in the capital increased in 2020 despite the pandemic, showing widening gap between rich and poor.
Robert Jenrick's department announces homelessness cash – but can't say how many vulnerable people have been placed in homes.
Dr Zahid Chauhan faced abuse for offering the jab to homeless people – but he's now been backed up by the authorities.
People who are experiencing homelessness or sleeping rough will be prioritised as part of priority group 6 in the rollout.
Lawyers have warned of a human rights breach after rough sleepers said they'd been harassed "most mornings" for over a year.
The initiative has won praise but Labour and housing charities say the latest figures show its success was short-lived.
Langar Aid focuses on fighting hunger, providing food and water in emergencies and after natural disasters. The mission in Coventry is to serve the homeless, vulnerable and those struggling with poverty, delivering over 150,000 hot meals and food parcels since the pandemic began.
Exclusive: Hundreds of charges were made using controversial 19th century law in just six months.
Campaigners say vulnerable communities are slipping through the cracks, meaning the pandemic will keep creeping back.
One soup kitchen manager says those sleeping rough have never had it so bad – even during the Middle Ages.